As a customer of 6 different banks, frequent traveler, and a person who prefers to have a control over spendings, I decided to face a challenge of improving the neglected area of budget management.

The goal

Exploration of more flexible, customisable budget management solutions.

My role

Research and Product Design.


How to understand the context?

Luckily as a frequent user of banking apps, I hadn't try budgeting functionalities before. Thanks to that I had a clear start without any bias in my mind. I didn’t go for any tutorial nor article to let myself find out how I'd interact with currently available budget management solutions at the very first time. For the reference I chose one of the most common services on this market - Revolut.

After 5 days of initial testing I made following observations:

What do other users say?

Source of user feedback

After the test, there was a time for education about the business behind the functionality focused on analytics and budgeting, to let me for the most profound understanding possible of the context I was going to work on. For costumer voice I looked for at: